The following submissions have been accepted at the workshop.

Driving Cross-Reality Experiences for Future Mobility [Paper]
Andreas Riegler, Ye Eun Song and Tamara von Sawitzky
Colibri: A Toolkit for Rapid Prototyping of Networking Across Realities [Paper] [Presentation]
Sebastian Hubenschmid, Daniel Immanuel Fink, Johannes Zagermann, Jonathan Wieland, Harald Reiterer and Tiare Feuchtner
Affordance Guided User Elicitation of Interaction Concepts for Unimodal Gaze Control of Potential Holographic 3D Uis in Automotive Applications [Paper]
Maryia Kazhura, Bea Vorhof and André Calero Valdez
Uncertainty Unveiled: Revealing the Uncertainty of Distribution Visualization Through Cross Reality [Paper] [Presentation]
Alexander Gall, Anja Heim, Bernhard Fröhler and Christoph Heinzl
Promises and Design-Challenges of Mobile Transitional Interfaces [Paper] [Presentation]
Daniel Schacht and Hans-Christian Jetter
HOCTOPUS: An Open-Source Cross-Reality Tool to Augment Live-Streaming Remote Classes [Paper] [Presentation]
Luca Asunis, Andrea Cirina, Lorenzo Stacchio and Gustavo Marfia
The Actuality-Time Continuum: Visualizing Interactions and Transitions Taking Place in Cross-Reality Systems [Paper]
Jonas Auda, Sarah Faltaous, Uwe Gruenefeld, Sven Mayer and Stefan Schneegass
Exploring the Use of Mobile Devices as a Bridge for Cross-Reality Collaboration [Paper] [Presentation]
Rishi Vanukuru and Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Serious Cross Reality - Using CR to Enhance Analytics Workflow [Paper] [Presentation]
Nanjia Wang, Sze-Wing Chan, David Aigner, Omar Addam, Christoph Anthes and Frank Maurer
Cross-Device Augmented Reality for Fire and Rescue Operations Based on Thermal Imaging and Live Tracking [Paper] [Presentation]
Theodoros Chalimas and Katerina Mania
Supporting Artefact Awareness in Partially-Replicated Workspaces [Paper] [Presentation]
Emran Poh, Anthony Tang, Jeannie S.A. Lee and Shengdong Zhao
Visual Metaphors for Notification Into Virtual Environments [Paper] [Presentation]
Fabian Pointecker, David Oberögger and Christoph Anthes
Exploring Collaboration for Data Analysis in Augmented Reality for Multiple Devices [Paper] [Presentation]
Judith Friedl-Knirsch, Christian Stach and Christoph Anthes
An Asynchronous Hybrid Cross Reality Collaborative System [Paper]
Hyunwoo Cho, Bowen Yuan, Jonathon Derek Hart, Eunhee Chang, Zhuang Chang, Jiashuo Cao, Gun Lee, Thammathip Piumsomboon and Mark Billinghurst
Reality Stack I/O: A Versatile and Modular Framework for Simplifying and Unifying XR Applications and Research [Paper]
Florian Kern and Marc Erich Latoschik

Important Dates

July 26, 2024
Papers submission
August 9, 2024
Notification of acceptance
August 26, 2024
October 25, 2024
Workshop date

Each deadline expires at 23:59:59 (AoE)